Learn About Dah Wave God

Sports Dah Wave God also known by his formal name Antwan Willis was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Antwan is a independent hip hop artist who has started his journey since he was a kid. Currently Antwan's focus on the music industry is to remain independent and to continue releasing new content while at the same time marketing his brand.

Antwan unfortunately couldn't play sports when he was young due to the fact of Asthma playing a big part. He then named himself "Sports" as an artist name, in which it suited him very well. Antwan would write music on the daily & even go as far as making hard copies to give them out to the public to get his name out there. From cassette tapes to Cd's, Antwan was putting the work in.

In 2013 Sports released his first mainstream mixtape called 'Doin Numbers'. The release of that mixtape gave Antwan a lot of exposure causing him to follow up with his first EP 'The Zone' which he released in 2016. As the attention became on a rise, so did his content. He also began working with his former classmate J. Simmons formally known as Jared Simmons. In 2018 Sports adopted a new name "Dah Wave God" to add to his current name. Many would call him that including friends & family because of his style in dressing but also how he would flow so naturally on tracks.

2019 Sports began to release 1 single per month gaining major attention with other artists who wanted to work alongside him & also gaining the attention of new fans. At this point in his career, he began to start learning how to market himself & what he stood for. Dah Wave God not only became a name for him but a brand of his that he was recognized by most of the time.

In 2020 Sports continued to release new music while continuing to work on marketing himself. Being famous was the least of his goals. His mindset and vision became more clearer on what he needed to do to become more successful with his music. Sports Dah Wave God has gained a numerous amount of traction and he only continues to strive for more.